The Game

Fusecore is a Classic FPS focused on the 'Search and Destroy' mode, where there are bombs on the map and the player must deactivate them to win the game.

AI will be on the lookout for enemies (YOU), so watch out and plan ahead. Note that bomb and AI locations are randomised on the spot, so each new game is a new setup.

Can you beat the AI and deactivate the bombs in time?

Can you beat the game in the time trial mode?


The game has a controls and a planning page, which we recommend looking at before playing the game, since it has quite a number of controls.


This game was developed as part of the Introduction to Videogame Development course at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires. The game was developed using the Unity game engine using a package of game assets. Built as a WebGL executable and served as a static website via Amazon Web Services, you can enjoy the game anywhere on a computer (not mobile) browser. This was developed by Florencia Petrikovich and Gonzalo Hirsch.